CEM Estero SpA procurement policy ensures that all its procurements conform to the highest standards.

Evaluation of Sub-Contractors All sub-contractors are selected on the basis of their past record as well as their ability to meet the pre-determined requirements.

The Company maintains a vendor list for specific materials, that is periodically analysed and updated. It also constantly monitors the quality standards of its vendors.

Purchasing Data Accurate date is a pre-requisite for any successful purchase order. Hence, we ensure that our vendors are well aware of all technical, qualitative, logistics and inspection specifications prior to undertaking any orders.

The Technical Unit issues the Purchase Requisition after incorporating all the above-mentioned specifications.

Proper progress reports, detailed inspection and delivery schedules accompany any purchase order.

Verification of Purchased Product In order to ensure that the products purchased by the Company conform with the specific requirements, a detailed verification procedure is undertaken either at the supplier’s or the Company’s premises.

The Company will take delivery of these products only after ensuring that the products are in line with the specifications it had mentioned in the purchase order.