Key success factor

Innovation Our leadership in the field is the result of constant research for innovation and improvement, making us the ideal partner for the most challenging company. Around 25% out of 4000 employees are experts in the design & engineering field.

Design & Engineering We are recognised for our unique capability to translate the most innovative architectural concepts in practical solutions, We are the one company increasingly asked to assist the best architects in the design of buildings.

Corporate Social Responsibility The Group aims to guarantee workers' basic rights in full respect of the current laws in the countries where the Group operates, as well as to respect agreements.

Quality Our well known ability to deal with the most difficult works has made it possible for the Group to develop a product which fully satisfies customers' expectations in terms of applicable quality standards at lower cost and fastest installation.

Health, Safety and Environment The Group main objectives are personal health and safety, safety at building sites, projects and installations. Cem Group is certified ISO ?

Multilocality Cem Group companies are "multilocal" enterprises deeply rooted in the countries where they operate, and are established with such objective in mind. Thus, they possess a thorough understanding of local cultures, and are able to recognize, and draw fully from local strengths and skills. Companies are committed to economic progress and contribute to local development and growth through their output, investment in human resources as well as investments aimed at improving the welfare of the communities in which they operate. They respect, care for, and contribute to the quality of the surrounding environment.